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Acted for the Claimant in an arbitration relating to the provision of services in proceedings held under AAA rules in Virginia, USA.


Sat as sole arbitrator in a contractual dispute in the Banking sector – dispute governed by the laws of Zimbabwe


Sat as sole arbitrator in a dispute relating to prevention of wrongs committed by third parties and the effect of an exclusion of liability clause – dispute governed by the laws of Zimbabwe



Dylan Andrew & Ors v Barclays Bank Plc ([2012] CTLC 115 Judge Waksman QC) – acted for Claimants in case concerning the procedural steps to be taken in claims relating to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.


Kotecha v Insurety Plc & Ors (Employment Appeals Tribunal 7/05/2010) - acted for appellant in appeal concerning whether a tribunal was entitled to reject a medical expert’s views as to fitness to act in proceedings when considering a request for an adjournment.


Benjamin Abbey v Associated Foreign Exchange Ltd ([2009] EWHC 2834 (QB) MacDuff J) – Appeared for Respondent in an appeal against a wasted costs order by the legal practitioner.


William John Smith & Ors v Black Horse Ltd (CC (Chester) (Judge Halbert) 10/03/2010) – acted for Claimant in a case where the Court examined whether a finance company had breached the Insurance Conduct of Business Rules in the payment protection insurance context.



Beltagy and ors v The Secretary of State (Lloyd Jones J): represented the applicants in a case concerning whether an administrative law challenge on human rights grounds could proceed by way of a CPR Part 7 claim or had to be brought by way of a judicial review. Led by Franklin Evans.


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